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Question: Do I need to be present at the property at the time of the service?
Answer: No, it is not necessary. It can be arranged so that we have access to the property at the necessary time, and to lock it after we leave. Pictures can be provided once the job is done if desired.

Question: Will a deposit be required?
Answer: Yes, a deposit is required, which will be half of the total cost of the project.

Question: Do I provide the materials necessary for the project?
Answer: If you already have the materials necessary, we'll gladly use them for your project. However, if you know what materials you want to be used, but don't have them with you, or you're completely unsure of what materials you need, we'll purchase the materials for you, and provide you with a recipt.


Question: How can I pay for the services provided for my project?
Answer: As of now, only cash and checks will be accepted. We are working on being able to accept credit and debit cards in the future.

Question: Am I going to be charged by the hour or by the job?
Answer: This depends, most of the time, our clients are charged by the job, NOT by the hour. This is beneficial to our clients since if a job takes longer than expected, you'll still be charged around the estimate we gave you UNLESS a very significant change comes up. Certain jobs, such as furniture assembly, will be charged by the hour.

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